Meet Eli. He's 1 and rolling with Ookkie!

We spoke to Eli's mum, Mackenzie, to learn a bit more about his journey with the Ookkie. Here's what she had to say.

What was your reason for getting an Ookkie?

I decided to get Eli an Ookkie as it's a great toy as it can transition from a learning skateboard for little ones to get comfortable enough to start riding alone as they grow and get bigger, and can also convert into a scooter for the little ones. Keeps my little one occupied as he loves to be on the move.

Describe the learning experience on the Ookkie for us.

Eli has gotten a lot more confidence with his balance with the Ookkie. He now can ride and balance on the Ookkie without holding onto the handle bar and has the confidence to play at the skate park whilst holding onto the bar.

Eli Ookkie Hero

Do you get any comments when you're out and about riding the board?

Yes!! So many! Also on my instagram sooo many people DM me about the Ookkie as everyone thinks its such a cute skateboard and great learning board for little ones!

How has the Ookkie helped your little one in their development?

Has helped with his confidence and balance.

How has the Ookkie become a part of your family life and routine?

During COVID there isn't much to do other than play outside or go to the park so we always make sure to take it to the park every time we go as he always has a blast on it and gives him another thing to do.

Where can readers follow along with Eli's journey?

On Instagram @mummatoeli